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Permanent Sales Post
- I was granted sales permission on 7/20/11 by Dakajojo.
- I ship from California, USA.
- I'll ship within a week of payment, unless I tell you otherwise!
- Paypal only, please.
- Payment is expected within 48 hours of finalizing an order. Let me know if you're no longer interested in the items you asked about.
- I will hold items if you ask. :)
- Haggling is welcome. I also will do trades!
- I'm not responsible for packages once I've mailed them out. Insurance is provided on request!
- If you're curious about anything, just ask!

Sales are on hiatus until further notice. I'll be finishing up my ongoing transactions soon.

Starts at $20

(Deleted comment)
Starts at $20

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Starts at $15

Have you shipped that latios yet? :X Can I add teh Cacnea zukan to my package? :D

errrr and the tangla line. :X I shouldnt but two grass pokemon zukans at once.. is good for my collection! XD

Jessie kid to Finland, please?

Please send $11 to paperdroid@gmail.com, thanks!

Could I grab the magicarp Zukan if available?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Could I get a quote for the Vaporeon stamp, Sunkern tomy and the Vaporeon and Weezing kids to Australia? Also, how 'loved' is the Smeargle?

It would be $13. ^^

Smeargle is made of towel fabric, so he's accumulated a pretty good number of fabric pills. It also seems like he could use some cleaning, fabric doesn't look very clean (I got him like this). No stains though.

could I get (if theyre still there) an Ash Hate Mankey, Silver Ash figure and Ponyta kids figure to the UK please?

It would be $12 to paperdroid@gmail.com, please. ^_^

Could I please get a quote for the squirtle, wartortle and blastoise stamps and wartortle kid to Australia?

can i get a Quote for the Silver Typhlosion & Typhlosion patch be to the uk?

Torkoal zukan and that Sunny Castform kid (as long as it's not clear) to 26003? :3

That would be $11 to paperdroid@gmail.com. ^_^

How much for rayquaza plush shipped to the UK?

Would that onix plush happen to be one of the hasbro beanies? If so, what condition is he in?

Ah, yup! He's in fine condition, except for the pieces of fabric that make up the spike on the top of his head. They've come apart, but it looks like they were only glued together in the first place. Should be an easy fix.

Ohhhhh Nooooooooozzz I missed the Magikarp zukan ;____________;

I need him to go with Gyarados wahhhhhhhh ^^()